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Michael Gerber suggests that most entrepreneurs start their business because they are good at doing something, a technical skill. However, this means that as the business grows and entrepreneurs recruit people to work for them, they then begin to face the challenge of managing a team but often have had little or no formal training in how to do this. One of the key challenges is  in understanding the different people in the team which can be made easier by carrying out an individual analysis of each persons working strengths and motivators. Building on from this, it is important that the people in your business understand each other and their profile. Finally you need to understand the type of team that you want.

Another important aspect is that of communication; how much information to share, how often, in what format, these are just some of the questions business owners face. One of the ways that SMART Support can help you is with organising and planning for and/or onsite facilitation of team events. This kind of event is designed to support business owners in improving communication with their teams and consequently improve motivation and commitment. This can include co-ordinating a team feedback and action planning session. For me one of the most important communication processes is that of the regular appraisal process. This gives your employees an opportunity to take responsibility for their own development which increases autonomy and so also their motivation.

SMARTer Team Building

One of the easiest ways to increase a team’s motivation and commitment to the business is by asking them for their feedback.  Many businesses have annual team surveys, but our SMARTer Team Building service is completed in a way that increases the levels of honesty making the process much more effective.

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SMARTer Teams

We all know instinctively that our people are different.  Our SMARTer Teams service will help you to understand the people that work for you. Not only can this improve communication and the ease of implementing change, but it can also improve overall efficiency levels in the business.

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This service is designed for those business owners who want to get the most out of their appraisal process.  A good appraisal process will increase your team’s motivation and efficiency levels.  We can also help guide you through your people related frustrations and offer impartial advice.

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Finsbury Robinson is delighted to join together with Smart Support for Business to bring specialist team development and appraisal services to clients, business owners and Personnel Managers.

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