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Budgets, Forecasts & Performance
Budgets, Forecasts & Performance

Budgets, Forecasts & Performance Service Based in Blackheath, Greenwich

We offer a wide ranges of budgets, forecasts, projections and performance analysis reports to all customers looking to take control of either their company or project financials.

Cash Flow Forecasts

Cash flow problems can strike even the most profitable business due to mismanagement of assets and cash. No matter how many lucrative orders or contracts you have, if you have no liquid cash you cannot operate on a day to day basis.

We can examine every aspect of your business and form detailed reports to give you a better understanding of your financial position. These forecasts are useful for planning when to pay your bills, when to seek financial safety through factoring or overdraft facilities and how to set out your payment terms to ensure your business is never underfunded.

These overdrafts can also be used to predict the outcome of any potential mergers or new business strategies, helping you to evaluate your standing and make a more informed decision.

Internal Budgets

As experienced accountants and business advisors we have seen just about every type of business there is using our service over the years. One thing we see in every business is just how time consuming it is to ensure every aspect of your business is as profitable as possible. Most business owners don’t have time to analyse their expenditures to ensure they aren’t wasting money on unneccessary expenses.

A detailed budget and plan can help you to create targets for you and your staff, allowing you to have tighter control of your gross profit margin. This can often lead to creating more profitable service packages, meaning you can either target sales on a price based approach or by allowing room for value added services.

We can help you create detailed financial budgets through analysis of your entire accounting and financial systems as well as creating budget plans and targets for annual analysis.

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